Found of cycling since being young, I found in 1999, at my parents home, like Amélie Poulain, a box containing some childhood treasures: the miniature cyclists of my young time. The peloton was a little "leached" and especially much less important than before. After trying to complete it and decorate it with some vehicles to make "more true" ... the virus was now well established. It was at this time that I created my first website (in 2001) gathering photos of cyclists, miniature cars and photos of the Tour caravan at scale 1, this site was then replaced in 2005 by the blog

    For the virus to spread it often requires a favorable environment and catalysts. They were four to play this role:

    - my family and some friends who encouraged me in this step even if that, sometimes was at the expense of the time spent with them.

    - The Atlas Editions who in 2004 offered me to work for them as part of the La Caravane Collection of the Tour de France (and then the Postal Vehicles of yesterday and today, Passion Citroën and finally The Age French cars at 1/87 °)

    - The company Maracoudja today Agency Panenka and Festina France that allowed me to follow 5 Tour de France and some stages of the Giro.

    With the initial site and the blog I had many contacts, people wishing to acquire also cyclists, having the colors of their club or their favorites. Thus in 2008 the Sport Goodies Company was born in order to bring together, as much as possible, on one and the same shop all the products available around this theme.

    The primary goal is to share a passion and meet new people with whom to share it. To those who believe that bullion amass with this activity read my report on my first years of activity.

    This activity selling games, toys and miniatures of the world of cycling is only a secondary activity, it is far from allowing me to live and even less to support my family. I am also a full-time employee of a car parts supplier, (at a scale of 1: 1 this time): I am sometimes led to make business trips of a few days. I therefore thank you for being lenient on the response times to your questions and those of deliveries.
    This also explains that there is no store but only online sales.

    Wishing you a good visit on Sport Goodies

    Pascal ORSINI